ACE Tiverton will be an outstanding school for pupils with SEMH needs and for Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) pupils who fall within the average to high ability range. We will ensure academic and social success for our pupils by maintaining a rigorous but flexible and adaptive approach, securing successful future pathways for all our pupils from Key stages 3 and 4.

Our school will be outstanding from the first day we open, the pupils will never be denied the opportunity to succeed, and we aim to provide the very best, all day, every day. We know that a single day lost in the educational life of a pupil is unacceptable as there will never be another chance to repeat that lost opportunity.


ACE Tiverton will respond to the identified need in this area of Devon for those ASC/SEMH pupils who have not thrived within mainstream schools or in specialist provision within these schools, and who need to access an appropriate special school within a reasonable travelling distance from home. In the local school settings there are not enough specialist placements which are able to create the suitable environment for the specialist needs of our pupils. Too often our pupils may also have been subjected to bullying and social exclusion which has not only affected their academic progress and outcomes, but also their social and emotional wellbeing. We will offer a setting which supports these very vulnerable pupils.

All pupils at ACE Tiverton will have undergone statutory assessment and will have an Education, Health and Care Plan in place. The school will run from Year 7 to Year 11, with class sizes of up to 10. We expect to open in September 2019 with 70 full-time places when we reach capacity.

The aim of this School is to ensure that pupils with these complex needs are supported to achieve the most successful educational and social outcomes of which they are capable, preparing them for in their next steps in the real world. We will secure and sustain improved standards of achievement and progress for all children at all levels of ability and maximise outcomes at KS4, with a particular focus at that stage on improving the percentage of pupils achieving grades 5-9 at GCSE (including English and Maths) while ensuring that no pupil leaves the School NEET.

Our school vision will be encompassed within our four key areas of FARS: Flexibility, Adaptive, Rigorous, and Successful. It will incorporate learning activities that challenge pupils to recognise and exceed their own expectations, provide appropriate nationally recognised and accredited courses and qualifications that promote high attainment, and feature transition planning that will ultimately guide our pupils towards the achievement of aspirational goals in adult life.

We strongly believe that we can achieve this aim by:

  • Meeting the needs of our pupils in a holistic way, so that these pupils will make significantly greater progress and ultimately achieve higher outcomes to enable them to take their rightful place in our society
  • Recognising, and tailoring planning to meet, the individual needs of each pupil
  • Developing a culture of high expectations for all pupils and for staff at all levels
  • Offering a curriculum that is engaging and adaptable, responding to the needs of individuals and cohorts
  • Offering outstanding teaching from highly qualified teaching and support staff
  • Offering outstanding support to pupils through the curriculum, through our pastoral care, and through the culture of our daily interactions to help them to develop the capacity for positive social interactions, self-esteem, ambition, resilience, tolerance and empathy
  • Assessing and tracking progress, both academically and socially, meticulously using this tracking to inform planning for individuals and cohorts
  • Creating a learning environment which supports the development of learning and of appropriate behaviour
  • Celebrating success and achievement to enhance motivation and self-esteem
  • Developing a ‘listening’ culture, where the voice of pupils, parents/carers and other involve professionals is clearly heard and which informs our work with our pupils
  • Working closely with parents/carers; communicating clearly, sharing details of pupil progress, achievements and difficulties
  • Working closely with external professionals to support the individual needs of pupils
  • Improving attendance and reducing exclusions to zero wherever possible
  • Involving all pupils in a wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities
  • Supporting all pupils from Year 8 in planning for their future employment including involving Careers South West in annual EHC reviews from Year 9, thus removing the number of pupil NEETS
  • Ensuring that PP spending enables these pupils access to resources, additional support and to enrichment and extended curriculum activities, based on thorough analysis of need, on-going assessment, and that monitoring, feedback and reporting show the impact of strategies used.