Teaching and Learning Focus: Half Term 2

Each half term we have a core focus for our practice in classrooms, these are linked to teachers’ standards, Ofsted Criteria and our intention to deliver the highest quality learning and progress for our students.

Teachers: Increasing the pace and content of lessons with a focus on identifying knowledge gaps across the student cohort.

Teaching Assistants: Producing resources that are personalised and highly visual as well as capturing progress in every lesson by every child.

Pastoral Team: Routinely capturing evidence of students’ thoughts, emotions, reactions and attitudes and how these change over time.

This means that every child should have a book, file or central place where all their work is kept including pictures, adult observation notes, written texts and the resources that support their learning. It also means that every adult should have a record of what they have done each day and how they know that the students they have worked with have made progress. This could look like a daily diary, electronic notes kept on each student; it is not supposed to be complicated or onerous but simply a response to this question:

How do you know that what you have done today has made a difference to our students?

Some things to consider for your own practice this half term….

Dates for your Diary:

Friday 8th November Anna Findlay – Occupational Therapist: Staff Training 1   2pm to 3.30pm
Monday 11th November Christmas Planning: What, who, where, when, how.
Monday 18th November Student and Staff Voice with Richard Berry 2.15 – 3.15pm
Friday 22nd November Anna Findlay – Occupational Therapist: Staff Training 2    2pm to 3.30pm
Monday 25th November Amanda Burrows Observation Day – Feedback and Staff Planning
Thursday 28th November TA Interviews – All Day
Friday 29th November Official Opening: 2- 3pm
Saturday 30th November Tiverton Lantern Parade 5 – 7pm
Monday 2nd December Term 3 Planning: Programmes of Study, Groupings and Timetable
Thursday 12th December Amanda Burrows: SEND Curriculum Development  2.30pm – 4.30pm


And Finally….

“Coming together is a beginning…..Keeping together is progress…..Working together is success”

Henry Ford

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