Head Teacher Report to Cluster Term 1 2019/20

Contextual Narrative The start of this academic year has been unique, rewarding and ultimately a wonderful experience for all involved. The building, after several challenges has been handed over and whilst there are several areas to finish and correct, we have a functioning, purposeful and appropriate space for students to work, learn and play in. The staff team have begun to gel and work together in an atmosphere of collegiate, respectful and overwhelmingly positive regard for each, which is a delight to see. All students have now attended (as of 10th September 2019) and barring the expected test of boundaries, typical for all teenagers, not least those with unsettled educational experiences, students are settling well into our daily routines.

There are several aspects to work through such as wet weather routines, meeting cycles, probationary meetings and establishing appraisal targets but we are confident that as we become embedded in the rhythm of the weeks, months and terms, we have a sound, sustainable base on which to build.

Admissions & Students on Roll
Total On Roll Agreed Alt Provision Consults Received Consults Agreed Expected Total T2 =/- T2
7 16 1 2 Consults will only be agreed for September 202 16
8 8 8
9 4 4
10 2 2
11 5 1 5
Total 35 2 2

Total New starters in September: 35

Group Presents AEA Authorised Absences Unauthorised Absences Possible % Attend
Group 1 100% 2 (1.4%) 0 0 140 session (100%) 100%
Group 2 100% 0 0 0 100%
Group 3 98.6% 0 0 2 (1.4%) 98.6%
Group 4 100% 0 0 0 100%

Attendance Target: 98%    As of 10.09.19: 98.3%


Pupil Premium, Looked after children (CLA) and children with special educational needs (SEN)
On Roll PP Students CLA Students SEN
Year 7 16 We are still awaiting accurate numbers for this cohort. As of 10/09/19, 14 students are FSM. 1 16
Year 8 8 0 8
Year 9 4 0 4
Year 10 2 0 2
Year 11 5 0 5
Total 35 1 35
Pupil Premium The PP cohort count is still to be finalised, some challenges in updating SIMS have meant that we are in the process of checking each students’ data set to ensure accuracy. An updated PP count and cohort analysis will be presented in Term 2.


Achievement and standards

(in addition to pupil premium)

The curriculum and establishing baseline assessments are the key focus for this term. Working with the teaching team to formalise the Intent and Implementation of our curriculum so it is built upon the principle that our curriculum will meet the needs of all our students and prepare them to be successful, independent and resilient members of society. We have begun by working with students in a practical and flexible way to build relationships with their peers and staff as we know that when strong relationships are developed, the very best learning and progress will be achieved.

Our intention is a curriculum model that is flexible, relevant and places our students in line with their peers to ensure they have equal access to post 16 employment, training and education. This year, functional skills and GCSEs in the core subjects will be offered and we will broaden this as we take in further groups of students and have a full complement of staff to support a secondary level timetable. In our first year, we will deliver a curriculum focused on core skills: English, Maths, Science, PSHE and Wellbeing as well as extending students’ skills and knowledge of foundation subjects such as the technologies, humanities, Arts, PE etc.

We will implement this through a primary style grouping of students to establish relationships, routines and enable us to identify gaps, challenges and strengths from previous educational experiences. Implementation will also be in the form of teaching well-planned and personalised learning activities that enable students to develop agency and skills within their learning using Enquiry Based learning. Students will be taught the skills of questioning, research and presentation that will enable them to transfer their knowledge and skills across topics within all subjects.

Measuring the impact of our curriculum will be done in a holistic manner. Using the Autism Education Trust Progression Framework we will be able to track students growth in skills, knowledge and independence. This will be alongside the standard academic progression measures supported by external assessment, in the form of GL assessments pre-Ks4 and exam-based assessment in KS4. The impact of our curriculum will be seen in the balanced assessment of students as individuals with skills beyond subject knowledge whilst also celebrating the strengths that students have in particular fields.

Effectiveness of leadership and management TES Pulse is being put into place for all Tiverton Staff and overall, the staff team are working well. We have received one resignation from the LOTC facilitator and have taken immediate action to recruit a short-term staff member until Christmas alongside an advert for a long-term post holder.

Probationary conversations and appraisal plans are underway.

Quality of Teaching To be updated in Term 2
Continuing professional development (CPD) The focus here is on compliance training and statutory elements such as MAPA. The use of Educare and other online platforms are enabling staff meetings to be focused n teaching, learning and students. See attached for further information.

Induction has been successfully completed by all staff.


Safeguarding, behaviour and safety

As of 10th September 2019, there have been no exclusions, referrals to MASH, Early Help or Health and Safety issues highlighted beyond those on the snagging list in development with Morgan Sindall.
Ethos and vision  Staff were very keen to be involved in the People Strategy conversation and this was well-received as part of the Induction programme.
Calendar of events The updated school calendar is attached for members’ information


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